Full Turnkey Solutions

Dry Dock Services in Miami, FL

Cardiff is able to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to our clients needs globally, both on voyage and during drydock:

  • Initial Survey
  • Design
  • Supply and Installation
  • Liaison with class
  • Final Commissioning

Having built a reputation for the repair and maintenance of all types of marine diesels, repair and maintenance of economizers, waste heat boilers and undertaking challenging rigging undertakings, Cardiff has been dubbed by the marine industry as the Welsh Wizards.

Cardiff are pipework experts- specializing in in all materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cuni, Corten, SMO and Georg Fischer (GF).

Structural projects have ranged from constructing support frame for outdoor cinema screens (MUTS) in aluminium to double bottom tank repairs

Whatever your scope, we will engineer a solution to suit.

Case Study:

Maintenance basket- Carnival Horizon

Due to a customer request for a bespoke maintenance basket onboard the Carnival Horizon, Cardiff designed, manufactured, tested and installed a manually operated basket that could be used to inspect and maintain the condition of a rides track. A solution found for a unique customer need.