Open Spaces


Open Spaces and Public Areas

Our projects are predominantly topside, focusing on both structural and cosmetic aspects of revitalization:

  • Deck & structural repairs
  • Teak installations
  • Cosmetic over cladding
  • Jacuzzi and pool areas overhaul, repair, and installation
  • Wasted handrail and threshold repairs


At Cardiff, we are experts at dealing with the issues caused by galvanic corrosion, caused by dissimilar metals and alloys which have different electrode potentials, and when two or more come into contact in an electrolyte, one metal acts as an anode and the other as a cathode – this is sped up when both dissimilar metals are in contact with seawater.

Areas that we overhaul due to this issue include:

  • Balcony Thesholds
  • Balcony Balustrade and Dividers
  • Window Frames and Coverings

We also manufacture and supply the below items:

  • Balcony Handrail
  • Balcony Divider Partitions