Weight saving Initiatives at Cardiff

Weight Saving

Weight saving initiatives allow for higher fuel efficiency and enable owners to free up their vessels capacity to utilize in other areas. We at Cardiff have achieved significant savings for our clients through the use of composite materials.

A composite material is composed of two or more materials with significantly different physical characteristics, having mostly been used in the marine industry for piping and hull shells, they are massively under utilized with regards to their potential uses. We at Cardiff offer services using innovative composites for weight saving initiatives owners may undertake for a greener ships design

Case Study:

Celebrity Millennium (Jan 2019)
Celebrity Summit (February 2019)

Through the use of alternative materials, Cardiff facilitated the reduction of 53 ton of weight from decks 6, 7, 8 and 9 on board both the Celebrity Millennium and Celebrity Summit’s balconies. Enabled by the forward-thinking Royal Caribbean project team, modern designs and ideas resulted in the corroded steel and use of glass being swapped out for more innovative materials to achieve their goal.